1. Log in to your Dropbox for Business account.
  2. Click on Admin Console.
    The Dropbox Admin Console is launched in a new browser tab.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Click on Single sign-on.
  5. Select Optional or Required.
  6. Set the Sign in URL to match the SAML SSO Endpoint found under Global Settings > SSO information in the M-Pin SSO web console: SAML SSO Endpoint
  7. Click on Change certificate and upload the M-Pin SSO X.509 certificate (downloaded from the web console by clicking on Global Settings > SAML Metadata)

In the M-Pin SSO web console:

  1. Under Integration, click on the + button next to Dropbox profiles.
    The Add Dropbox profile page is displayed.
  2. Complete the required fields and save the profile. Settings:
    • Name: (required) – name of the profile, e.g. Sample Dropbox Profile
    • Recipient URL – IAM client application end point to which the M-Pin SSO SAML response is returned
    • LDAP Profile: ­– if you have LDAP profiles configured, they will be available in this drop-down. Only users connected to one of these profiles will be able to access the Dropbox service when they log in.