Browser User Guide

Registering and Verifying
Adding More Identities
Selecting a Different Identity
Managing an Existing Identity

This guide is aimed at users who wish to use the browser client, M-Pin-In-Browser™. Your M-Pin Platform users can authenticate into your services using either their browser or mobile phone.

Note that this guide describes the default M-Pin workflow. To customise your workflow, contact your system administrator.

If you want to authenticate using your browser or mobile phone, use the home icon at the top-left of the PIN pad to return to the PIN pad's home page.

View the demo at

When you first visit a site that is protected by an M-Pin, you will see the M-Pin PIN pad displaying the following:

Select Sign in from here:

This will open up the following window. Click Sign in with browser.

You will now see a window which allows you to Add an identity.

Enter your email address and optionally change the Device name to something meaningful to yourself. Note that Device Name will only be visible if your system administrator has set up device revocation. If device revocation has been set up, provide this name to your system administrator in case it gets lost or stolen. Once you have entered the correct information, select Setup M-Pin™ which will display the following window:

You should also receive an email with an activation link at the same time (depending on the speed of your internet connection).

Click the link in the email, then select Confirm and activate on the resulting web page shown below:

Once you have confirmed the link, close this window and go to your sign-in screen and click I confirmed my email. Note that if the email does not arrive, you can select Resend confirmation email to get the email re-sent to you. Now set up your PIN. Ensure that nobody can see the PIN that you use either when setting it up or when using it, and we also strongly recommend that you do not write it down anywhere.

Enter 4 digits on the PIN pad, using your mouse, then select Setup:

Now that you have created your PIN, select Sign in now, and enter your pin on the PIN pad. The PIN pad is also automatically displayed requesting your PIN if you re-visit the site or refresh your browser.

Note that each PIN is tied to the specific browser that you used to register. So, for example, if you wish to use both Chrome and Firefox to authenticate, you will need to register using both browsers. You can opt to use the same PIN on both.

Enter your 4-digit PIN then click Login to authenticate into your site. If you enter an incorrect PIN, you will see the following warning:

Enter the correct PIN. If you enter an incorrect PIN 3 times, you will see the following warning and you will need to register again:

If you use different identities to access your service, or if you are sharing your PC with another user, you can add additional identities to the PIN pad.

Click the pencil icon to the right of your identity to display the account management screen:

Select Add new identity and simply proceed setting up the identity as before.

When the PIN pad asks for your PIN, it also displays the identity that you are about to login as.

To use another identity, select the menu icon, then double-click the identity that you wish to authenticate as:

Select the menu icon, then select the pencil icon next to the identity that you wish to manage:

If you have forgotten your PIN, select Reset PIN, followed by Yes, Reactivate it to confirm that you wish to reset your PIN. You will then be sent a confirmation email and you can proceed with the standard registration workflow.

If you want to remove your identity entirely from the machine, for example, if you are giving your PC to someone else, simply select Remove Identity followed by Yes, Remove it to confirm.