Login with One-Time Password

This guide is aimed at users of the M-Pin SSO Server whose administrators have configured the SSO server to generate OTPs. In addition to generating SAML tokens for SAML-compliant service providers, you can also configure the M-Pin SSO Server to generate One-Time-Passwords (OTPs) to use in RADIUS client applications.

The registration, authentication and account management workflows for the OTP generator of the M-Pin SSO Server are similar to those of M-Pin Core, with the exception that instead of logging you into a service, an OTP is displayed instead. This OTP is then used as the password for authenticating into your RADIUS client application.

Contact your system administator for more details on how to perform this step.
Note that you must use the OTP within the time limit set by your system administrator (typically 60 seconds). The countdown underneath the OTP tells you how much time you have left.

Your system administrator will give you the link to the OTP generating site. Users who wish to use the browser on their own PC to generate OTPs should read the Browser User Guide in this menu section. The workflows described there are identical to the OTP generation workflows with the exception that in the 'Authentication' section of this guide, after entering your PIN, instead of logging into a service, the OTP is displayed in your browser:

If you want to use your mobile to generate OTPs, read the Mobile User Guide in this menu section. Your system administrator will give you the link to the OTP generating site. The workflows described in that document are identical to the OTP generation workflow except for the “Authentication” workflow, which is as follows for OTP generation.

Once you have registered the M-Pin-In-Mobile app for the OTP site, you will immediately see the PIN pad asking for your PIN (the screen asking for an access number is not required for OTP generation). When you have entered your PIN, the OTP will be displayed:

To authenticate with OTP using SSH:

  1. Use your SSH client software to connect to the Ubuntu machine.
  2. When it asks for your Username, enter your email address and it will now ask for a password.
  3. Login to the OTP site of your M-Pin SSO (typically, this will be <HOST>/otp where <HOST> is the host name of your M-Pin SSO.
  4. Enter the OTP displayed into your SSH client to complete the authentication.