First Time Access

This page explains how to access a newly created M-Pin SSO instance for the first time. It assumes that your instance has been successfully created and is currently running.

Note that this first-time access is critical as its purpose is to create your first admin user of the system.

Until you create such a user, you can only access the system with the device-browser combination and credentials that you used to access it for the first time (following the instructions provided on this page).

When you access your newly launched M-Pin SSO instance for the first time, it creates a default system account called "initial-setup". The purpose of this account is only to enable you to create one or more users with administrative rights.

You need admin users to make your M-Pin SSO instance further usable. After you create these users, delete the initial-setup account.

The rest of this page explains how to access the administrative web interface for the first time. For information on how to create users with administrative rights, refer to our Getting Started Guide. Once you have created an instance of M-Pin SSO, there will be about 15 minutes of lag time before the instance becomes operational. This is because the address of the your MIRACL D-TA needs to be propagated through the DNS servers over the world.

To access M-Pin SSO for the first time and perform its initial setup:

  1. Make sure HTTP access to port 80 is enabled.

  2. Sign in to the M-Pin SSO instance's web console.

    2.1 With your browser, access the M-Pin SSO Login page at http://<HOST> where <HOST> is the Public DNS or Public IP address of your M-Pin SSO instance.

    2.2 (AWS distribution only) A verification page displays asking you to enter the Instance ID of your M-Pin SSO instance. This is a security measure to make sure that you are the right owner accessing its administrative interface, for this instance.

    2.3 Copy the Instance ID from your AWS EC2 management console, paste it into the field, and then select Confirm. The M-Pin PIN Pad displays. image0022.4. In the PIN Pad, select a 4-digit number to use as your access PIN and then select Setup.

    Your PIN will be accepted and a Sign in now button will appear on the PIN Pad.

    This will take you to the web-based management interface. The next steps are performed from there, and are detailed in Create your first user