SSO 3.3.0

27th January, 2016

  • Now available as a Debian package.
  • Updates to the installation and AWS can be performed by installing the package.
  • Subscription management via the MIRACL Management Console
  • Built-in prevention of admin users locking themselves out
  • Supports RADIUS PEAP
  • Administrators can now revoke end-user authentication from a specific device
  • Added functionality to restrict users from logging in/being authorized unless they are added to the system by the admin
  • New Service Provider integrations:

    • SalesForce

    • GitHub

    • AWS

    • ZenDesk

    • Samanage

    • WebEx

    • Box

    • DropBox

Resolved issues in specific HTTPS/SSL-enabled deployment scenarios The access number used to authenticate via the mobile app can now be reduced from 7 to 6 digits by disabling the check sum Various UI enhancements Various bug fixes

Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu: 2GB RAM, dual-core processor

Link removed