SSO 3.5.0

27 January 2016

  • SSO Admins can now enable/disable keyboard input to the SSO pinpad
  • SSO can now generate QR codes to be read by the M-Pin mobile applications when loading Service Configurations. Controlled by enabling the native mobile clients.
  • SSO Admins can now restore the initial-setup user in case they lose their Admin access
  • SSO now runs with the latest M-Pin Server v 3.5
  • SSO can now be installed from an apt repository SSO Admins can now choose if users should login with the Native Mobile App or with the HTML5 WebApp SSO Admins can now choose if they want an checksum digit in the Access Number and thus control if it would be 6 or 7 digits long. Controlled by M-Pin Core settings. Integrated with PingIdentity Integrated with SAPMain Integrated with OneLogin Integrated with GApps Integrated with Office365 Integrated with SAPApp

Better console output from installation Improved validation for time-sync Improved presentation of required attributes on forms Improved e-mail verification pages

Breadcrumbs are inconsistent with the actual click path SMS registration and authentication is still under development Push message registration and authentication is still under development PinPad customization tool is with limited functionality and is still under development. In the future users would be able to save multiple pinpads with their accounts and have them used on different SSO installations AWS Workspaces integration works only with PAP protocol.

Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu: 2GB RAM, dual-core processor

AWS link removed